Ferrari 70th anniversary in South Korea

Ferrari 70th anniversary in South Korea

Unforgettable driving event

FMK, the official importer for Ferrari in Korea, plans to hold special events to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Ferrari.

The first event will be the press conference at the Aston House with its open garden offers a breathtaking view of Han river.

On the morning of 22nd September, the press event will be held to showcase Ferrari’s 70 years history and its unparalleled heritage.
This will be followed by an evening event where over 200 customers will attend and show their great enthusiasm for Ferrari.

On 23rd of September, Ferrari’s unforgettable driving event will also take place. The tour will be organized in the international city, Songdo, located about 65 km southwest of Seoul in collaboration with the Songdo traditional village.

Over 50 Ferraris driven by clients will participate in the rally starting from Seoul and they will enjoy the historical and aesthetic destinations that are painted in the colors of autumn.

Besides, throughout the tour, the participating customers will have the opportunity to be reminded of Korean culture and history with hopes of peace and unification at the observatory from Imjingak Pavilion in Paju.

Please consider that event date changes could be possible: the calendar will be amended accordingly.

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