Cavalcade Classiche, the grand finale

Cavalcade Classiche, the grand finale

An extraordinary parade

The Cavalcade Classiche of 70 Ferraris of all eras concluded with an extraordinary parade on the Fiorano track followed by a drive to the Maranello factory. For three days the cars that made the history of the Prancing Horse and that best represent this 70th anniversary, crossed Tuscany from Forte dei Marmi to Lucca and Pisa, before finally “coming home” to Maranello.

These extraordinary cars included some that are exceptional in terms of rarity and ownership, such as the 410 SA made for the Shah of Iran, the last Dino 246 GTS produced, the 250 California belonging to Roger Vadim and one of the three aluminium short wheelbase 250 Californias produced.

The track parade, led by the replica of the 125 S, the first car made by Enzo Ferrari, and its latest evolution, LaFerrari Aperta, included another unique vehicle, the Monoposto Corsa Indianapolis of 1953, which was built for the American race, but then didn’t take part.

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