Happy 70th birthday!

Happy 70th birthday!

It is four o’clock on an afternoon like many others, at Maranello. But Enzo Ferrari knows this will be a special day. In front of him is a car still without a body, but with a heart.For Ferrari, heart means engine, and when it starts to beat, it does so loudly. It’ voice starting off subdued, growing in intensity and power to become a scream that pierces the quiet of the countryside.Almost a cry of defiance; a challenge that Ferrari intends to issue to the most illustrious car manufacturers of the era.

Yet to succeed in his aim, he knows he will have to realise at first-hand the potential of the vehicle whose name has been already chosen: the 125 S. He grips the steering wheel and signals he is ready to go. He takes a right out of the gate of the factory where until a few hours ago technicians and engineers had been working on the chassis and the engine, and looks out on the straight road to nearby Formigine. This is how, on 12 March 1947, the history of modern Ferrari began. A history that70 years later, is coloured with legend and has turned the little factory in Maranello, a small town in the province of the same name, into a world famous centre of excellence and the best recognised symbol of Brand Italy.A history that Ferrari has decided to celebrate in various ways.

Through a dedicated logo, whose shape encapsulates the stylistic features of the Prancing Horse cars and its unique passion for detail: a symbol that embodies decades of tradition, but at the same time projects the Ferrari brand into the future. Through an exclusive car, LaFerrari Aperta, the latest special limited series, a unique model in terms of technology and style.

Through celebrating creative and craft skills, translated into 70 liveries born from the company’s experience of custom built production and inspired by the many iconic models of Ferrari history. And finally, through a world tour that will stop in more than 60 countries to emphasise the global nature of the Prancing Horse. Classic and modern cars will take part in this long series of events held both in Italy and worldwide, to celebrate a timeless myth that has been fed by the same courage and determination for 70 years.

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The Ferrari Legacy
70 years of excellence
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