Into the future

Into the future

The countdown to the day on which Ferrari is to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange was finally over on 21 October 2015, when the bell rang to signify that trading for the day had opened.

Just a year before,Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari’s Chairman, had announced his plan to separate the Maranello-based company from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and turn it into an independent listed company. His plan consisted in placing an initial 10% stake on the Wall Street Stock Exchange, before proceeding with the final separation from the Group at the beginning of 2016.The value of Ferrari’s stocks was the subject of intense debate during the senior leadership team’s international road show with potential investors and financial analysts, who had been called upon to assess this process, which, due to the unique nature of the brand and its position on the market, had no clear global terms of reference. And it was not only numbers that counted in this instance – on the contrary, the loyalty and passion of Ferrari customers was key to convincing investors, from whom demand was growing well beyond the threshold of the shares on offer, serving to stabilise the listing price on the highest value of the range between 48 and 52 dollars. Accordingly, under the very fitting acronym “RACE”, Ferrari stocks began their journey on the largest stock exchange in the world.

The stock market debut of the Prancing Horse electrified the trading floor and beyond. A crowd of Ferrari drivers and onlookers gathered around the cars lined up in front of the facade of the NYSE, including the car driven by Sebastien Vettel and the LaFerrari, the latest special limited series model and the ultimate symbol of the ground-breaking design and engineering solutions that characterise the Prancing Horse.

And so the alliance between Italian industry and international finance was celebrated, and the long friendship between the US and Ferrari, which dates back to the mid-50s when the brand began to conquer the streets of America, is consolidated. The Maranello-based company took its place on Wall Street, making its new mark on United States.

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